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   Saint Germain is a town that sits on Hwy 70 between Eagle River and Minocqua. While it isn't as popular as its neighbors, Saint Germain does have many places to eat, drink, shop and have a merry ol' time. Lake property in Saint Germain runs the spectrum from very high end to very affordable.

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  • General information about Saint Germain:

  • - There is a gas station in town.
  • - There are many places to eat in Saint Germain.
  • - There are many bars in town.
  • - Saint Germain has a golf course.
  • - There are two hospitals within 24 minutes.
  • - There is a nice grocery store.
  • - The year round population is just a bit over 2,000.
  • - More information can be found at the Saint Germain website.