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   Rhinelander is the most populated city in our region of Northern Wisconsin. While Rhinelander offers more conveniences than other towns, it has a more city like feel than the rustic, old school, up north feel you find in other towns. The lake property for sale in Rhinelander greatly varies. Rhinelander doesn't have as many clear water lakes as other Northern Wisconsin regions. Having said that, there are some great lakes that are just a little ways out of town.

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  • General information about Rhinelander:

  • - There are many gas stations in Rhinelander.
  • - There are many places to eat including fast food places.
  • - There is a Walmart.
  • - There is a Walgreens.
  • - There is a Home Depot.
  • - There are many bars in town.
  • - There is a hospital.
  • - There are mutliple large grocery stores.
  • - The year round population is over 7,500.
  • - More information can be found at Explore Rhinelander.