The Northern Wisconsin Lake Finder

   If you have spent time looking at the waterfront listings on this site or any other Northern Wisconsin real estate site you will have no doubt realized most listing descriptions are pretty much the same. Every lake home has the best views, the best frontage, and the perfect Northwoods setting. Every lot is on the best lake in Northern Wisconsin. The lake is peaceful and quiet, has crystal clear water and the fish practically jump in the boat! The truth of the matter is that most of what you read is right. Northern Wisconsin is filled with great lakes with great views and great fishing. However, every lake is a little bit different and the goal of my Lake Finder is to help you find the Northern Wisconsin lake that is perfect for you.

   Above this section there are eight categories of criteria you can use to start your search. Find the criteria that best fits what you are looking for and click on it. You will be taken to a page that displays all lakes with current listings that meet that criteria. If there are a lot of results you will be able to select another category to further narrow down the lakes. Once you find the type of lakes you are most interested in you can click on the lake names and view all of the current listings for that lake.

   The category descriptions below are the cliff notes version of the information. If you would like more detailed information you can read my Northern Wisconsin Lake Homes Buyer's Guide or my Northern Wisconsin Lake Lots Buyer's Guide. If you would like to see how I rank the lakes you can click on "My Rankings" on the bottom of the criteria list to see how I rate the lakes. If you have criteria in mind, but do not want to do your own searches, feel free to contact me and I will gladly do a search for you.

   One thing I should note is that I have limited the lake finder results to lakes that are 100 acres or bigger. I chose 100 acres as the cut off because that is about the size where a person's scope of lake activities can start to get limited. While many very popular full recreation lakes in Central Wisconsin are under 100 acres, up here in Northern Wisconsin we value our space a little more. If you are interested in lakes under 100 acres, contact me and I will do a search for you.