Eagle River Chain Lakes - Sorted by Clarity

Clarity: How far down you can see a secchi disk (black and white disk) on a clear day.
Depth*: Average depth of a lake. Max depth does not accurately reflect true depth of the lake.
Distance: One way distance from lake to nearest grocery store.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Town Distance Depth* Clarity Chain
Long LakePublic620DrainageEagle River13 minutes13 feet7.5 feetThree Lakes
Cranberry LakePublic924DrainageEagle River10 minutes9 feet6.2 feetEagle River
Planting Ground LakePublic1,010DrainageEagle River12 minutes16 feet6.1 feetThree Lakes
Catfish LakePublic978DrainageEagle River8 minutes12 feet5.6 feetEagle River
Scattering Rice LakePublic263DrainageEagle River10 minutes8 feet5.2 feetEagle River
Eagle LakePublic572DrainageEagle River7 minutes16 feet5.1 feetEagle River
Otter LakePublic174DrainageEagle River9 minutes12 feet5 feetEagle River
Duck LakePublic106DrainageEagle River4 minutes7 feet4.8 feetEagle River
Voyageur LakePublic143DrainageEagle River6 minutes6 feet4.7 feetEagle River