Lake Lots by Town and Price:

Lake Lots in Northern Wisconsin

   Northern Wisconsin has many great lakes, but they all come with pros and cons. When looking at lake lots, the single most important factor is the lake. You can remodel a house and landscape a lot, but you can't change the lake itself. For that reason, I recommend using my Lake Finder to find the perfect lake first.

Lot Details - What To Look For

   When looking at waterfront real estate online you will find that most lots look pretty similar. You'll see pictures of water, woods and sunsets. Of course, all the available lots will have lakes with "crystal clear water" and "fish that jump into the boat." I urge you to look beyond the hyperbole that is common in the waterfront real estate business and look at the hard data. Is the lake clear? Is it close to town? What is the shoreline like? What kind of houses are next door or across the lake? Can you get cell service and a high speed internet connection? Does the lot or lake have any protective covenants? For more information on why these questions matter you can check out my Lake Lot Buyer's Guide.

Finding The Perfect Lake Lot On This Site

   The links on the left side of this page (lower half) will lead you through all the available lake lots. Each listing has a link to more information on the lake itself. Check out the lake links and find out more about what you are looking at. If you want even more information about a lake or a lot, shoot me an email and I will help you out.

Empty Regional Lot Categories

   Some of the town-specific categories below and to the left, especially the higher priced ones in the less popular areas, do not have current listings. To avoid this, you can search for lots by price on the left hand side of the page. If you are looking for something specific and aren't able to find it, feel free to contact me and I can keep an eye out for waterfront lots that meet your criteria.

Plug For Clearwater Lake

   This shameless plug is for my latest development, Clearwater Lake. While it is not the perfect spot for everyone, for those who want a quiet lake with all new homes and epic fishing, it might be perfect. If you're interested, you can find more information on the lake website.