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Clarity: How far down you can see a secchi disk (black and white disk) on a clear day.
Depth*: Average depth of a lake. Max depth does not accurately reflect true depth of the lake.
Distance: One way distance from lake to nearest grocery store.
Premium Lakes highlighted with Gold Bar.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Town Distance Depth* Clarity Chain
Long LakePublic620DrainageEagle River13 min13 ft7.5 ftThree Lakes
Planting Ground LakePublic1,010DrainageEagle River12 min16 ft6.1 ftThree Lakes
Whitefish LakePublic199DrainageThree Lakes13 min16 ft11.2 ftThree Lakes
Big Stone LakePublic607DrainageThree Lakes5 min21 ft8.9 ftThree Lakes
Dog LakePublic202DrainageThree Lakes10 min8 ft8.7 ftThree Lakes
Little Fork LakePublic336DrainageThree Lakes11 min16 ft8.2 ftThree Lakes
Four Mile LakePublic210DrainageThree Lakes17 min12 ft8.2 ftThree Lakes
Deer LakePublic177DrainageThree Lakes7 min10 ft7 ftThree Lakes
Laurel LakePublic249DrainageThree Lakes5 min8 ft6.9 ftThree Lakes
Big LakePublic865DrainageThree Lakes10 min13 ft6.8 ftThree Lakes
Round LakePublic150DrainageThree Lakes13 min8 ft6.5 ftThree Lakes
Crystal LakePublic100DrainageThree Lakes6 min8 ft6.2 ftThee Lakes
Island LakePublic305DrainageThree Lakes10 min11 ft5.7 ftThree Lakes
Big Fork LakePublic663DrainageThree Lakes17 min17 ft5.2 ftThree Lakes
Medicine LakePublic396DrainageThree Lakes5 min22 ft5 ftThree Lakes
Range Line LakePublic123DrainageThree Lakes5 min14 ft5 ftThree Lakes
Townline LakePublic152DrainageThree Lakes4 min12 ft4.8 ftThree Lakes