Best Lakes in Northern Wisconsin

   Below is a list of my 50 favorite Northern Wisconsin Lakes. These are the lakes that have grown on me over the years and have reputations of being quality lakes. Feel free to contact me to see which lake may best suit your needs. Or, you can use my Lake Finder and do your own exploring. Get started by clicking on a lake name to view that lake's current listings. Happy Browsing.

Clarity: How far down you can see a secchi disk (black and white disk) on a clear day.
Depth*: Average depth of a lake. Max depth does not accurately reflect true depth of the lake.
Distance: One way distance from lake to nearest grocery store.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Town Distance Depth* Clarity Chain
Clearwater LakePrivate358SpringEagle River6 min22 ft16.6 ftNo
Blue LakeSemi-Public441SeepageMinocqua10 min25 ft17.6 ftNo
Two Sisters LakePublic719SpringRhinelander24 min30 ft16.6 ftNo
Katherine LakePublic524SeepageMinocqua6 min16 ft17.3 ftNo
Trout LakePublic3,864DrainageBoulder Junction10 min49 ft15.2 ftNo
Stormy LakePublic523SeepageEagle River18 min33 ft21.1 ftNo
White Sand LakePublic1,229DrainageBoulder Junction8 min24 ft14.4 ftNo
Hasbrook LakePublic307SeepageMinocqua18 min30 ft20.6 ftNo
Crab LakePublic909DrainageBoulder Junction26 min22 ft13.5 ftNo
Tomahawk LakePublic3,462DrainageMinocqua11 min33 ft14 ftMinocqua
Big Muskellunge LakePublic897SeepageBoulder Junction13 min26 ft11 ftNo
Upper Kaubashine LakeSemi-Public181SpringMinocqua9 min26 ft13.6 ftNo
South Two LakePublic221SeepageMinocqua23 min26 ft16.1 ftNo
North Two LakeSemi-Public150SeepageMinocqua21 min19 ft18.1 ftNo
Little Star LakePublic244DrainageManitowish Waters5 min31 ft19.2 ftManitowish Waters
Papoose LakePublic422SpringManitowish Waters12 min28 ft14.7 ftNo
Squash LakePublic392SeepageRhinelander16 min22 ft18.4 ftNo
Crescent LakePublic626SpringRhinelander15 min17 ft11.5 ftNo
Lake SeventeenPublic172SeepageMinocqua12 min20 ft11.7 ftNo
Lake LauraPublic628SeepageSt. Germain23 min20 ft19.6 ftNo
Black Oak LakePublic564SeepageLand O' Lakes8 min34 ft14.8 ftNo
Armour LakeSemi-Public328DrainageBoulder Junction27 min26 ft16.4 ftNo
Diamond LakePublic115SeepageBoulder Junction16 min20 ft22.5 ftNo
Big Carr LakePublic209SeepageMinocqua17 min40 ft18.1 ftNo
Sparkling LakePublic157SeepageBoulder Junction15 min35 ft22 ftNo
White Sand LakePublic1,229DrainageLac Du Flambeau13 min24 ft14.4 ftNo
Carlin LakeSemi-Public155SeepageBoulder Junction25 min18 ft17.4 ftNo
Sugar Camp LakePublic519SeepageEagle River17 min15 ft19.6 ftNo
Manitowish LakePublic506DrainageManitowish Waters6 min23 ft19.1 ftManitowish Waters
Minocqua LakePublic1,339DrainageMinocqua4 min23 ft9.8 ftMinocqua
Hodstradt LakePublic119SeepageMinocqua17 min21 ft20.1 ftNo
Bolger LakeSemi-Public119SeepageMinocqua6 min20 ft10 ftNo
Lower Kaubashine LakePublic198DrainageMinocqua8 min16 ft12.6 ftNo
Kawaguesaga LakePublic700DrainageMinocqua9 min18 ft8.6 ftMinocqua
Fence LakePublic3,483DrainageMinocqua18 min37 ft13.9 ftFence Lake
Rest LakePublic655DrainageManitowish Waters2 min18 ft11.1 ftManitowish Waters
Plummer LakePublic219SeepageMinocqua20 min30 ft20.5 ftNo
Plum LakePublic1,108DrainageSt. Germain10 min20 ft16 ftNo
Star LakePublic1,206DrainageSt. Germain20 min23 ft10 ftNo
Spider LakePublic272DrainageManitowish Waters7 min20 ft11.1 ftManitowish Waters
North Nokomis LakePublic470SpringSt. Germain13 min30 ft17 ftNo
Oxbow LakePublic523DrainageBoulder Junction33 min15 ft9.8 ftNo
Cranberry LakePublic924DrainageEagle River10 min9 ft6.2 ftEagle River
Catfish LakePublic978DrainageEagle River8 min12 ft5.6 ftEagle River
Planting Ground LakePublic1,010DrainageEagle River12 min16 ft6.1 ftThree Lakes
Long Interlaken LakePublic380DrainageLac Du Flambeau4 min20 ft14.8 ftFence Lake
Crawling Stone LakePublic1,483DrainageLac Du Flambeau7 min31 ft13.8 ftFence Lake
Flambeau LakePublic1,166DrainageLac Du Flambeau7 min28 ft13.2 ftFence Lake
Pokegama LakePublic1,041DrainageLac Du Flambeau5 min20 ft14 ftFence lake
Big Stone LakePublic607DrainageThree Lakes5 min21 ft8.9 ftThree Lakes