Lot Utilities

   While it may sound romantic to be cut off from the world while you escape to Northern Wisconsin, it can also be a major annoyance to not have the option to be connected. Checking out the utilities and cell phone coverage at the lake lot you are looking at is a wise decision.

   Cell Phone coverage can be spotty in parts of Northern Wisconsin. If it is important to have the option to get in touch with people at all times, the cell phone reception on your lot should be taken into consideration. Another consideration for those who use the internet to keep up to date at work on working vacations or just use the internet on a daily basis is internet speed. Dial up internet connections are not uncommon in Northern Wisconsin. Many of the lakes closer to the main towns like Eagle River and Minocqua have DSL available, which can be quite important in our digitally dependent world.

   Natural gas is a great utility to have available. As you get further from the towns, the chances increase that you will be heating with propane. It gets cold in the winter up here and there is a big cost savings heating with natural gas instead of propane or oil. You also don't have to deal with the hassle of keeping your tank full.

   To build on a lake lot, the lot must perk for a septic system. There are two main types of septic systems, a mound system and a conventional system. A conventional system is less expensive to install and is considered a better system by many. Mound systems work just fine, but do require more room, are more visible and cost more up front.

   Most lake lots in Northern Wisconsin have private wells. It is a good idea to ask the average well depth in the area as well as what the water is like. The deeper the well has to be, the more expensive it will be to install.

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