Lot Shoreline

   The shoreline is an important part of a lake lot. There are different types of shorelines that carry different types of prices. The most sought after shoreline is the hard sand bottom directly off the shore. Hard sand bottoms are great for swimming and other water activities near your pier. Muck bottoms are not as much fun to step in or walk around in. Many lake lots in Northern Wisconsin feature some fisherman frontage between the shoreline and the start of the lake. On lots with some fisherman in front, a boardwalk is needed. Many people enjoy the scenic setting of a boardwalk spanning across an area of taller grass and flowers. Many lots with fisherman frontage adjacent to the shore have really nice hard sand bottoms where the boardwalk would end. Personally, I would rather have a boardwalk out to a hard sand bottom. Others prefer solid ground right up to the water even if it means a soft bottom. There's no right or wrong, but it's something you should consider.

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