Lot Protections

   Lot restrictions or protections are something that a lot of developers put on land they develop. This is done to protect their investment which means it will also protect your investment. It is wise to know the protections on both the lake lot you are considering as well as those on the rest of the lake. Unfortunately most lake lots come with no restrictions, and this can lead to some really run down looking areas. Driving past pseudo-junkyards on the way to your beautiful lake home is hardly the best way to start or end your trip. Many buyers overlook this aspect when they buy their first lake lot. Learn from the mistakes of others and make sure your investment is protected.

   Protections can become too restrictive for some people. If you find yourself thinking that the protections on the lot are too restrictive, it is best to find another lot. Most setbacks from the water come from the county building code, but in some places additional setbacks are required. Understanding the setbacks and restrictions is an important part of the buying process.

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